The Chairman‘s Message

Mr.A.M. Kharim

The Governing body believes that it has a special commitment to support each individual's goals. To this end, the college places emphasis on a world-class education that prepares students academically, personally and professionally for successful careers in their chosen fields. Policies, programs and activities, which have been designed to implement this philosophy and purpose statement, are evaluated periodically and changed, as necessary, to meet the needs of the student body and the insti¬tution.Our educational approach is process-oriented; our emphasis is on bridging theory and practice, and in learning through collaboration and participation. We strive to ensure that the time spent at the college is a time of growth, discovery and achievement.

Principal's Message

Dr. Rajeev Kumar P

Education must provide life-building, man-making, character making assimilation of ideals. The ideal of this type of education would be to produce an integrated person – one who has learned how to improve his intellect, purify his emotions, and stand firm on moral virtues and unselfishness. Negative thoughts weaken men. If you speak kind words to children and encourage them, they are bound to improve in time. If you can give them positive ideas, people will grow up to be men and learn to stand on their own legs.