Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical is an impressive branch of study in JBCMET. The department aims at the development of technology with research initiatives at its spine.

The B.Tech in Mechanical engineering is a comprehensive degree program. The goal of the curriculum is to create flexible under graduate educational experience in mechanical design, management, emerging science. The principal study topics include fluid mechanics, thermodynamic and heat transfer, solid mechanics, material science & engineering, machine design, manufacturing, energy systems, dynamics and control, CAD, CAM, machine drawing etc.

The discipline ensures that students are exposed to much more than what is prescribed in the course of curriculam and foresee a natural growth for build of the nation and its research development.Special efforts have been made to enable the students to translate the theoretical knowledge with laboratory and field level experience. The course have been designed in such a way that the students get the necessary depth in the chosen area of specialisation while absorbing the necessary back up knowledge so as to maintain the required breadth in the general technological scenario.

B.Tech in Mechanical engineering of JBCMET, enable the students to customise their programs to meet their objectives and career goals. This programme can be considered as launching pad for professional careers in business and public service. An interactive relationship is maintained between the students and faculty which equip the students to develop a sound foundation in the stream in a conducive environment.
The college has two batches comprising of 60 students each in this branch.

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Scheme and Syllabus 2010 Admission onwards

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Scheme & Syllabus

First and Second Semester- (Common to all branches)

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Scheme and syllabus for 2002-2009 admissions
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