Computer Science & Engineering

The future of computing and IT begins with the study of the engineering in the stream of Computer Science & Engineering. The CSE department provides excellent technical education in a state-of-the-art environment. It helps in preparing students for careers as computer engineers and scientists in industry, government and academia. It also equips our students to support the society by participating and encouraging the latest technology transfer. The department aims to achieve excellence in technical education driven by professional ethics and personality development. Computer science permeates all modern endeavors in academia, government and industry, and its role will continue to grow. Through education and research, the Department of Computer Science will be recognized universally as a promoter of the centrality of computing in society.

The department is working with a vision to provide a sense of creativity, knowledge & expertise in computer technologies. The major goal of the department is to understand the industry’s requirements and make its students employable. The faculty include experienced hands from the industry. They conduct national and international seminars and workshops to share their industrial experience and knowledge to students.

CSE department is provided with an under graduate programme of B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering and Post graduate programme of M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering.

B Tech Program

Kerala Technological University

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BTech Ordinence

Scheme and Syllabus 2010 Admission onwards

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Scheme & Syllabus

First and Second Semester- (Common to all branches)
3rd Semester CS Syllabus
4th Semester CS Syllabus
5th Semester CS Syllabus

6th Semester CS Syllabus

7th Semester CS Syllabus

8th Semester CS Syllabus


Scheme and syllabus for 2002-2009 admissions
Semester 1&2
Semester 3 CS
Semester 4 CS
Semester 5 CS
Semester 6 CS
Semester 7 CS
Semester 8 CS

M Tech Program

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