Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is continuously evolving branch of study in engineering. As technology has advanced, so as to have the challenges facing the new generation engineer. Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a subject that naturally partners with other disciplines of engineering to open the whole new engineering avenues. Few real examples are added curriculum of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in Mechatronics engineering, Bio medical engineering, Aero space engineering and Avionics in Aeronautical engineering. The Electrical & Electronics Engineering department of JBCMET prepares the students using new-age information and computer intensive technology.

The stream of Electrical & Electronics Engineering generally deal with generation, transmission, utilisation of electrical power, manufacturing and maintanance of eletrical machinary. The Electrical & Electronics department prepares the student to acquire the ability to analyze, design and build electrical and electronic systems, needed in power electronic drives, variety of controllers, power generation, transmission and distribution systems and to impart students with a sound knowledge of software tools and skills for taking up research in upcoming areas in the field of electrical and electronics engineering, embarking on entrepreneurial ventures and an aptitude for lifelong learning.

The B.Tech. programme in Electrical & Electronics Engineering is designed so as to achieve a tharough knowledge of core topics of EEE coupled with an area of specialisation relevant to emerging engineering fields. And polish them to face the challenges of the new generation industry and technology developments.

BTech Program

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Scheme and Syllabus 2010 Admission onwards

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Scheme & Syllabus

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Scheme and syllabus for 2002-2009 admissions

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