College Activities


The College has a Special Programme Officer for NSS. The main objective of the NSS is to “Serve the downtrodden in the society” and “Personality Development through Community Service”. The NSS unit of JBCMET has carried out blood donation camps, Awareness programmes on ‘Health and Hygiene’, Consumer Rights, AIDS awareness programme, Environmental Protection etc. The NSS volunteers of JBCMET attend many camps and are eligible for grace marks as per the university regulations.


JBCMET has a unit of NCC under 22 Kerala batallion NCC Aluva. NCC is the top most student uniform force among the universe. Our college has strength of 52 cadets. NCC is an Organization engaged in conducting constructive activities for all the cadets under its fold. There is a strong belief that the training which our college cadets undergoing in NCC have tendency to trim them to work hard and also to develop self-discipline, leadership qualities and good value system. NCC also helps in shaping the students to dynamic and responsible citizens of India. It is certain that our college NCC training will be a platform for grooming tomorrow’s citizens and leaders, and help in “Nation Building”. JBCMET is one among the very few Engineering Colleges in Kerala where an NCC unit exists.

Jai Bharath Institute of Community Development & research (JBICDR)

In the fast deteriorating environment of selfish motives in this materialistic oriented life style, we want our students to be socially responsible global citizens. While imparting education of the highest standard, JBCMET has been inculcating values of social responsibility among the students and faculty, sensitizing them to the various social concerns of our time. We also provide opportunity to our students to get involved in different programmes like community service programmes which are tailored to match their interests, fit their schedules and coincide with their personal and professional goals.

Industry Institution Interaction Cell

Jai Bharath College of Management and Engineering Technology is laying considerable emphasis on Industry-Institute Interaction activities. Our College plays a pivotal role in producing competent engineers with requisite professional skills. For this purpose, a separate Industry-Institute Cell has been established. A panel of HR experts, drawn from leading industries design and conduct technical tests, group discussion, technical and HR Interviews for our students; based on the performance, the students are counselled on their strengths and weaknesses by the experts. This programme has led to impressive results in the placement of our students. Our students are nurtured and developed into industry ready professionals through exposure to real time industry working and practices, by way of in-plant training in leading industries. Our students are provided with adequate exposure to the industrial practices through visit to reputed industries. Accompanied by Faculty members, students are given practical side of their curriculum learning.

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

The main objective of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country by developing curriculum based on video and web courses. This is being carried out by IIT’s and IISc Bangalore as a collaborative project. The NPTEL is made available to our Library.

Leadership Development Centre

Engineer’s contributions effect tremendously on the world. By developing creative, ethical, sustainable, collaborative solutions to societal problems, engineers improve the quality of life for humankind. This is how every engineer is a leader. You don’t have to be “a natural” to be a leader. In the JBCMET, you can learn and practice leadership skills in many ways. Throughout your academic career, you are encouraged to :

  • Take any community service activity.
  • Gain real-world experience as a co-op or intern.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities and competitions.
  • Join or lead a student organization or student club
  • To publish your own magazine or newsletter
  • To conduct seminars and workshop
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities.
  • These experiences root YOUR strong professional future.

JBCMET offers many chances for the students to socialize with their fellow students, engage in sports and recreational activities, volunteer in the community and take on leadership positions. These out-of-the-classroom experiences add a rich layer to a student’s time at the college. Explore the categories and find the groups and activities that best fit your interests and academic/professional goals. Our team of experts at the Centre of Leadership will help you to do that.


Our alumni is our pride and they are our ambassadors. They are nationally and internationally placed and some of them are pursuing higher education in international universities. JBCMET’s alumni network is an extension of our culture. Upon graduation students are encouraged to join the Alumni network. This network puts students in touch with other JBCMET students, helping to build a life long relationship. Membership encourages participation in different events offering continual professional development and social interaction.