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Aibtikar Programs

SSLC (10th Category)

Select One

  1. Mechanical/Automobile Concepts or Idea or Design of existing societal problems.
  2. Make your ROBO.
  3. Spell-o-fun.
  4. Fabrico the Seven Wonders

Spell-O-Fun Description

  • Puzzle with technical question related to Civil.

Fabrico the Seven Wonders Description

  • Make a model of any one of "Seven Wonders of the World"

Plus 2 (Higher Secondary)

Problem Statements

  1. Mechanical/Automobile Concept / Idea / Design of existing societal problems with working model.
  2. App Innovation Challenge
  3. Best out of waste
  4. Sethubandan

Best out of waste Description

  • Suggest a suitable construction material out of waste with required stability.

Sethubandan Description

  • Model a bridge using popsicle

App Innovation Challenge Description

  • Create socially relevant android application.

Degree / Polytechnic

Problem Statements

Mechanical or Automobile

  1. Cost effective solar charged electric vehicle.
  2. Cost Effective kit for converting conventional vehicle to electric.
  3. Health care and assistive project.
  4. Smart irrigation system


  1. Innovative idea to tackle traffic problems (Idea, Concept, Layout)
  2. Innovative ideas for flood management. (Layout, Description of material used.)


  1. Suggest a variant shape of architecture with required stability (Layout, Material Used.)

Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Artificial Intelligence (Software)

  1. Automatic Waste Management
  2. Smart Education
  3. Smart Vehicle
  4. Smart traffic Mangement
  5. Smart Disaster Management