Science & Humanities

The Sciences & Humanities Department comprising of departments like physics, chemistry & Mathematics, started in the year 2009. The department has well equipped physics and chemistry labs with all new modern equipments & State of art facilities. The department is having experienced and committed staff members, who not only teaches the academics also helps the students in their curricular and Co-curricular activities.


  • The department is committed to provide strong base of fundamental science in technical students.
  • The department is committed to bring positive growth in the university results.


  • By imparting quality education using modern and traditional teaching methods.
  • Creating interest by giving the information about the current research in basic science and also by involving them in creative works.
  • By imparting quality education by using effective teaching methods/aids.
  • Taking charge of the new buds in technology and emerge them to higher classes with strong base in science and mathematics.

Mrs. Seema G Nair


Ms. Sheeba Philip