ictICT ACADEMY of Kerala in corporate with ORACLE,
ICT Academy of Kerala is conducting special courses named, Parivarthan for new engineering graduates to enhance their emlpoyability. The Academy is a joint endeavour of union and state govts. and major IT companies. ICT academy training programmes are useful for youth seeking to start their own enterprise as well as job seekers. Parivarthan aims at empowering youth to handle and overcome practical challenges in industrial and commercial sectors. By developing real employment skills beyond mere subject knowledge, the transformation from campus to successful careers would be made easier for the youth.

JBCMET is one of the members of ICT academy of Kerala. With the membership our college will get much knowledge to our students and faculty from a panel of experts of ICT academy and industry heads. Our students will be benefitted with the campus recruitment drives conducted by ICT Academy in our state. ICT Academy supports our students by providing internships, project assistance requirements, Industry visits, Sessions from industry experts and thus improving our institutions rapport amongst the leading ICT companies.

All the courses conducted by ICTAK are endorsed by ICT Industry and hence designed to be relevant to industry. Participanting students undergoing such courses will be benefited with high employability potential in the job market. Our faculty members get trained on ICT Skills relevant to Industry. High performers are given opportunities to train the students and employees of ICT companies.