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At Jai Bharath

SAP head quartered at Walldorf, Germany, with operations in more than 130 countries. SAP is the world leader in ERP solutions and software related services. SAP is at the centre of today’s technology revolution, developing innovations that not only help business run like never before, but also improve the lives of people everywhere.

For Supply to meet Demand

SAP is the brink of becoming business solutions partner to companies. This immediatly means there is a constant demand for certified SAP consultants across the country. To effectively counter the short supply of qualified professionals, SAP has introduced innovative delivery channels to enable graduate and post graduate students to access core SAP materials.

SAP Student Academy Program

The most innovative of SAP’s delivery channel is called Student academy program. The SAP’s Student Academy Program expands on SAP’s existing engagement with college sector. Student Academy Program is designed to improve the convenience and cost effectiveness of training for graduates and post graduates seeking a career in SAP solutions.

Member SAP Student Academy Program

In Jai Bharath, our team of specialist training advisors are able to help our students to explore and understand which courses are best suited to the skill development and career aspirations. Jai Bharath is the first authorised SAP Student Academy Program in Kerala. Our Student Academy Program offers the students with state-of-the-art facilities to undertake a diverse curriculam of SAP approved education, training and certification courses across a range of modules and disciplines.

Aim of the Program

SAP Student Academy Program directs our students to the global market where demand for strong SAP skills is high. Jai Bharath provides its students a launch pad for improving SAP career prospects in a thriving international market.


Training faculties focus on providing the highest quality of SAP training combined with latest teaching methodologies. The goal is to provide the right skills and mentoring that allow the student to develop and further career in a demanding and highly lucrative field.

High lights

  • Supports SAP skills workforce.
  • Offers a dynamic curriculam to students on par with ERP industry and thus widen learning horizons.
  • Valid & Genuine SAP certification at the end of successful training.
  • Helps our students to create an added advantage and increase their career
  • potential and growth opportunities along with the demand of the Nation.