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The Central Library and knowledge centre is one of the most important academic facilities provided to the students, faculty and non-teaching staff. Within a short span of four years, the Jai Bharath college of management and engineering technology library has shown dynamic growth by becoming a state-of-the-art library in the field. The centre aims to facilitate the acquisition and dissemination of information and knowledge in all areas of engineering education among the academic community. Our library follows the open stack system that allows users direct access to the library collection We have ample amount of books, periodicals, journals and CDS Services Offered. Library offers the following services: Reading facilities Reference Circulation Reservation Photocopying Computerised information search Internet Browsing Access to technical journals


An ideal hostel must be , in essence, a home away from home. Our College has separate in-campus hostel facilities for both girls and boys. The hostels have wardens and resident tutors.The teachers who act as resident wardens of the hostels provide moral and emotional support and educational guidance to the inmates.. The rooms are fully furnished, well designed, large and airy with the best in conveniences. 24 hours running water is ensured. Mess facilities are well supervised and students get wholesome, nutritious food of their choice. Homely ambience combines with rich educational functions to define the environs of the college hostels.

Transportation & ATM

The College has a fleet of Buses. The routes for the buses are organized so that students from all parts of the city can easily approach the college. The common.facility is made available to the students at reasonable charges depending upon the routes opted by them.All the day scholars who desire to avail the transport facilities of college can use this


South Indian Bank have installed automated teller machines (ATM) at the Jai Bharath campus. This ATM caters to the banking needs of both the students and the staff. Also, this saves up their valuable time being located inside the campus.

Canteen and cafeteria

A canteen is functioning inside the campus with the objective of providing quality - catering facilities for the students as well as the members of the staff, at moderate rates. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are served separately in a clean and healthy environment Cleanliness cares most.

Seminar Hall

The aesthetically appointed multi-purpose auditorium is the setting for all the cultural and academic events. This acoustically designed facility has a capacity to seat 1000 peoples. The arrangement of the auditorium is such that it brings the speaker on stage is brought closer to the spectators. The fully air-conditioned setting along with the best lighting and sound systems makes sure that there is enough room for a serene atmosphere complementing an excellent presentation. Apart from these, we have the LCD projector and a vast screen in addition to it. This makes it apt for the placement drives, pre-placements talks, workshops, seminars, conferences, cultural festivals, prize, and incentives distribution ceremonies as well. The main auditorium is complemented with a mini auditorium that can accommodate 700 people, along with a seminar hall that can equip over 200 people.

Our Highlights

We design various multidisciplinary curriculum for students that suits a specific career path.

Our financial aid helps the students and their families by covering higher education expenses, tie up with banks and also provide various scholarship schemes.

The Jai Bharath placement portal serves you access to extensive job leads and reference of leading firms.

Lifelong learning

We at Jai Bharath take care of all the environment friendly factors to contribute in making an eco-friendly campus

We design various multidisciplinary curriculum for students that suits a specific career path.

We are located at the Mid of Kochi, Idukki and Kottayam so that its very much easy to step into our campus.

Lifelong learning